Spine Surgery – Minimally Invasive Surgery for Head & Neck

Minimally invasive head and neck surgery is a highly specialized procedure for assessing, treating and diagnosing benign or cancerous growths found inside the head and throat using special tools inserted through the nose (trans-nasally) and also mouths (trans-orally). The advantages of minimally invasive head and neck surgery include less chance of disease and damage to joints and nerves chance of disfigurement and a shorter healing period.

A number of specially designed flexible endoscopes are utilized to picture the region. The surgeon can use traditional tools and/or lasers to execute the procedure through mouth and the nose.

Who plays minimally?

A partial list of ailments, which might be treated, and processes which might be performed with minimally invasive head and neck surgery comprises:

  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy for staging neck and head and diagnosing cancers, particularly cancers of mouth and the tongue is used for many patients this will translate into emotional, physical and cosmetic advantages.
  • For some patients, the operation can be carried out in an outpatient clinic.
  • less blood loss
  • smaller scars
  • diminished postoperative pain
  • less harm to skin and muscle
  • quicker and easier rehab
  • faster return to normal activities

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