The Process of Giving Life

The gift of life is the best gift that a man and woman can create. Conception starts by the time the sperm cell and egg cell unite as one. A baby is considered a gift for most of the people, and a disaster for some. But then again, for whatever reason, life had already began.

The mother, who will bring the baby inside her tummy has the responsibility in taking care of not just herself but also with the life inside her belly.

She also needs to be taken care of her partner to avoid unexpected accidents that will put the life of the mother and the baby in danger. It is important to always visit the doctor to be informed of the status of the mother and the baby. The husband also needs to be supportive on whatever results that can affect the physical and emotional state of the future mother.

During the early stage of pregnancy, there would be no prominent symptoms aside from not getting a menstrual period. The woman then undergoes morning sickness and nausea on the later part of the month as the baby starts to develop his body parts and slowly form his body. This is also the part where the percentage of having a miscarriage is high so the mother should take precautionary methods during the first to the third month of her pregnancy. The later part of the pregnancy stages then furnishes every part of the baby until he is fully developed after 9 months. Then the baby enters a brand new world where he can grow, live and enjoy the wonders of life.

Another chapter is now opened, and this is where parenting enters.

There are no guidelines on how to be a perfect parent but there are people who could actually guide you in decision making. Parent Resource Network is an online website that gives the parents the ability to learn on the fundamentals parenting to improve parenting styles to help the baby grow healthy physically and mentally.